Doggyloot is an online shop for the modern dog parent. As such, their brand needed to earn trust and feel personal while nodding toward sensibilities of high-end consumers. Overall, the existing brand experience lacked personality, consistency, and wasn’t memorable. The company name presented a challenge in an of itself, given the amount of similar circle letterforms and descenders.

We developed a brand experience that conveys trustworthiness in both their products and customer experience, and is personal and highly relatable. With a fun, warm, and clean aesthetic, the brand visuals elicit a high-end, approachable vibe that appeals to their largely female customer base. Specific features of linear illustration, a light color palette with bold and vivid accents, and a custom American-influenced typography were implemented. The logotype is friendly, and simple and without being too minimal; the overall brand is memorable and lovable.

Doggyloot Doggyloot Doggyloot Doggyloot