Katy Skelton

Branding, Web, App Interface

The Challenge

We started from scratch on the visual identity and, later, web design for the lovely Ms. Katy Skelton’s burgeoning furniture company by the same name. The Brooklyn-based company designs and proffers responsibly-sourced, high-quality products that are themselves a marriage of modern concepts and nostalgic materials.

The Handiwork

Throughout this project we stayed true to Katy Skelton’s minimal, clean aesthetic and wistful spirit. Type included the more contemporary Pluto paired with a sentimental Wisdom script. We focused on a simple mark and website, utilizing ample white space and classic colors - black, white, gold. Collateral materials included handcrafted, recycled papers and reclaimed wood.


Early Explorations

Icon Set


Labeling System

Color System

Custom Coasters

In the Wild

Website Design